Lowest Travel Fares?

It seems like nowadays everywhere you go someone has the lowest this or the cheapest that. However, most travel bargains come in one of three forms....

First are scams. When you get airfare and accommodations at a four star resort for $39.00 a day, chances are there's something wrong.

Second, a company may have a certain package that isn't moving very well so they offer it to a travel distributor at a deeply discounted rate. An airline for example might have a lot of empty seats on flights after 11:00 pm so they make a deal with an online travel vendor to fill those seats. That's better, if you know about and can live with the restrictions.

The third and best is a group rate like the one American Express gets for all their travel representatives. They agree to sell a certain number of trips and a tour or cruise company gives them a special rate. That's good, not only is the price attractive but a reputable company stands behind your trip. If you have a bad experience, it reflects negatively on the sponsoring company so consider who's promoting any special deals before you jump in. So, what do you do?

First, ask your travel consultant. Chances are if there's a good deal out there we'll know about it. Do your research, use the net to find bargains then call us to make sure there aren't any hidden charges or loopholes and to explore more opportunities.

Who Really Has the Lowest Fares?