About Us

Take the Abbott and Hill Travel advantage.

Since 1972 Abbott and Hill Travel has prided itself on being one of the largest independently owned and privately operated travel services companies in the Charleston, SC area. You enjoy not only our consistently superior customer service, but also various amenities through our affiliations with many of our travel suppliers.

Our clients have described us as a friends and neighbors type of relationship. We enjoy what we do for our clients, but we do not take anything for granted. We are constantly integrating ways to upgrade and further our service.

Abbott & Hill Travel Services
  • Sightseeing arrangements
  • Hotel and car rental reservations
  • Airline flight rescheduling
  • Because of Travel Leaders Worldwide Customer Care
  • Program, our service continues throughout the entirety of your trip.
  • With over 1700 travel locations in more than 130 countries, we´re here to assist you if anything unexpected comes up. Visit any
  • network office and, as part of our commitment to our clients, the following services can be provided free of charge:

No matter where in the world you travel, there's always a trained Customer Care Expert associate ready to help with any travel needs.

Oh, and as for pricing...
With our worldwide buying power with our partners, we get some GREAT travel bargains to pass on to you...

Unlike a travel website, our people explain the "fine print":
  • travel restrictions...
  • cancellation policies...
  • time limitations...
  • etc.
  • to make sure you get the most for your travel budget. (Without surprises)
We've been there and done that... we know what to look for and more importantly, what to look out for... We've rented cars from just about everyone... We've stayed in every major hotel chain as well as some quaint local properties... and we've been on just about every ship the cruise lines have... We've flown on just about every airline... Our travel coordinators have experienced almost every travel destination on earth... As an independent travel company, our strength is our people.